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I don't think there are enough words to describe the results. The readings that I have got from you have always been accurate. Everything you have said to me during our sessions feels like a timeless truth. It is almost as if you come from a different dimension to give me guidance, and the truth. Your knowledge and expertise are amazing! I have never had a reading where the details have been so right on.

Mr. Mukund Pilankar
- Director - Innovins


To start up on a lighter note, My god she's a total X-ray machine I must say :-D .. I was shocked to know tarot can actually reveal so much because I had done readings before from different people d insight which I got from Sheetal was par excellence. What I most like is, her readings are very detailed and not basic.. She also covers different aspects of life, which is very helpful as it gives you a balanced outlook towards life as a whole At first I had gone for a career reading, had a few issues with my office environment, then, to my surprise without my saying she pointed out d problems I was facing and at d end of it she said a change is something she could see and I will be really happy with the outcome though she said a lot would keep it short out here.. A few months down the line I got another offer and I'm quite happy here. Whenever I feel sad and low the first name I think is Sheetal. Thank you my angel for being there and guiding me in all walks of life. Really grateful to you.



The reader from MPR is a gem of a person with holding lots of compassion and endurance. "MPR's ability at tarot reading is unmatchable". Timely guidance given by them has got me a long way. The predictions are bang on. What are you waiting for??? solution to all your worries is here with them. Get on. Cheers From one of their greatest fan



I was in a completely broken state after I parted from my boyfriend, certain things were unclear in my mind so many questions which I had no answer to , I discussed all this with one of my best friend and she suggested me to go sheetal. Honestly I didn't believe in tarot and all but after my tarot session I was stumped not only did I get clarity but also a hope to relive .sheetal the support , understanding you have shown was amazing. Thank you for going out of your way.In this practical world people do not have time for others your chosen path is wonderful I would not want to surely loose a soul like you .thank you loads



Your readings are brilliant. Whatever you said eventually happened the only regret I have is that I didn't follow what u said and paid a big prize for it. Will never repeat it again . I wish u advice me in all my important decisions. THANK YOU.



My dear child Sheetal whenever I come to you I sense peace like I'm with an angel and pour out all my worries without thinking, without hiding and do not mind even crying despite you being so younger to me.I love the fact that I do not have to suppress my feelings.You're gifted with great talent.You're a lovely person from within. Hope you reach out to the maximum number of people.My blessings that you become worldly renowned. Whatever I have written has come from my heart hope it has made a way to your heart.All the very best my chlid

Mrs Anita


The prediction was perfect on the spot. I am a lot impressed. Looking forward to see you soon with another problem :-)



Excellent! All you said was true. An award from my side. All the best for the site



Sheetal your reading was correct negativity was blocking my success. I have changed the way I look at things. Business is getting better. I am sure your website is going to be a superhit. Best of luck. My good wishes



It is difficult to hide anything from you how do u do that? Ur just fantabulous. Will recommend you to others.



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